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God has created each one of us as perfect human beings, with unique wellbeing and prakruti (natural balance). However, our changing lifestyle affects our prakruti, resulting in imbalance in our body and mind.

In today’s competitive world, most of us have a sedentary lifestyle combined with stress and hectic schedules. This results in reduced immunity, anxiety and sleep disorders and leads to chronic diseases. The situation gets even worse for those living in cities like Mumbai, which with its fast paced life makes Mumbaikar’s prone to several life style diseases.

Kerala Ayurveda, with its over 300 year age old tradition, provides miraculous offerings to correct such bodily imbalance and even shield our body from various life style disorders. However, in our quest to achieve ‘quick fixes’, we end up popping allopathic pills that further aggravate such bodily imbalance (which we commonly refer to as “side effects”). Unavailability or difficulty in finding authentic ayurvedic medicines in a city like Mumbai also acts as another hindrance in adopting ayurvedic practices.

The city is no doubt running on higher pace, but this super-fast lifestyle is stamping the ill-effects on the Mumbains’ health. Its making them be on the allopathic supplements instead of a healthy dietary food.

 AyushArogyam thus brings to you the goodness of authentic Kerala Ayurvedic products online in Mumbai and even the free online Ayurvedic Consultation in Mumbai with Ayurvedic doctors and experts at the comfort of your place. AyushArogyam offers a wide range of Ayurvedic body products in Mumbai, such as creams, face pack, medicated oil for hair and also the Ayurvedic Soap scrub and shampoo in Mumbai. It also offers Classical ayurvedic arishtam, kashayam, ghritham, capsules, tablet, and choornam along with ointments, syrups, tooth powders etc. from the house of traditional and renowned manufacturers of Kerala ayurvedic medicines.

AyushArogyam offers a wide range of Ayurvedic products that include the day-to-day products which list-in as Personal and body care products, Classic Ayurvedic Medicines, Herbal health supplements and other natural products for general purposes. AyushArogyam also serves the Mumbains with free online Ayurvedic Consultation in Mumbai and do provides the books, DVD/CDs on Ayurvedic Health.

People can now order genuine Kerala Ayurvedic products online at the click of a button and have good health delivered home! So experience the bliss of Ayurveda and gift yourself a long and healthy life..