Yoga for Good Health

Mudras are a part of Indian dance as well as yoga. In dance, they are used to depict different emotions, while in yoga they help in maintaining good health as well as healing numerous illnesses. Most of the yoga mudras can be performed anytime, but the duration for which the mudras should be held, varies.
When one talks about yoga, one is talking about three aspects, namely; physical, mental and spiritual. In yoga, there are asanas and mudras, which when, loosely translated mean exercises and hand gestures, respectively. As there are different asanas for maintaining health and vitality, there are certain mudras, which help in this endeavor as well.

When one is practicing mudras, for a substantial amount of time, the benefits that the mudras offer are visible. The mudras help in generating, redirecting and recharging the energies of the force, which governs the body. It is with the mudras, that one is able to establish a link between the physical, pranic and mental body. They help in awakening the different pranas, chakras and kundalini located in the body.