Energy union also good for health

1ENERGIETOPPERS – One of the most important target point of the Energy Union is to save energy. It’s essential to save energy as much as you can for the climate and the health of your own living environment.

Energy Union main goals

The Energy Union is from the European Union and it has two main goals : combating climate change and insuring the availability of energy. The European commissioners consider not used energy to be the best way of energy saving. To make this happen there needs to be a lot of energy saving measures made on buildings that need the necessary maintenance.

Europe housing situation

Europe has 80 million people that live in moist and leaking buildings. Living in this kind of situation doesn’t only give you a higher energy bill but it’s also a health hazard. Think about bacteria that isn’t good for your health and mildew what eventually has negative economic consequences.

The right way can have a lot of effect

There is a relation between health and indoor climate, physical and mental awareness, motivation and the possibility to rest and recharge. This research is done by Professor Gunnar GrĂ¼n from the Institute of Fraunhofer for adjusted scientific research.

Is it possible

If the Energy Union takes the right actions they can not only combat climate change and insure the availability of energy but also help improving health issues. Of course a lot of work needs to be done to make this happen, if not it’s possible that Europe won’t be able to reach the climate target for 2020 and 2030 and that wouldn’t be so good.

Getting the investments the right way

The European commission wants to make it easier to invest money in energy saving projects like renovation with money from the European Fonds for Structural investments. There need to be generated 315 billion euro for these projects. It’s estimated to save between 80 and 153 billion in investments for the energy infrastructure.

Energy saving projects is not only a good thing for climate change but it can have a good effect on other aspects in live that are also important for us humans on planet earth. To fix this issue there needs to be a good collaboration but not only on a big scale because every little bit helps as long as we are still experimenting, developing and getting educated on energy sources.