Tips for Improve Health and Vitality

The purpose of good Feng Shui is to keep healthy energy flowing. When clean energy flows around you freely, it feels good. When you feel good, your resonance feels lighter. A lighter resonance gives you a feeling of vitality, well-being and happiness. This resonance is what creates good health.

Keep a clean house. Dirt and clutter keeps you stuck in a lower resonance. When you are in a lower resonance you feel heavy. Heaviness is where disease lives and thrives, including depression. If you have allowed your home to get this dirty, it will feel quite challenging to clean it. The psychic debris is dragging you down and making it difficult to move forward…in clearing your physical space and in everything in your life.

Focus on the center of your home. What do you see and feel here? If there is a closet, make sure everything in it is being used, is in good working condition and kept tidy. Think EARTH. This area is associated with the earth element. You can strengthen your health energy by placing objects representing the earth here such as plants in large pots (make sure they are healthy), rocks (granite table), pottery, sculptures and by using earthy colors such as terra cotta, browns, golds and yellows.

Is there a bathroom or washing machine in the center of your home? If so, your health energy is going down the drains. Keep the door shut, the toilet/washer lid down and the sink or shower drains closed when not in use. Putting a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door will repel the energy back into the house.

Plants are wonderful for adding vibrant energy. Make sure they are healthy, vibrantly green and lush. Watch for spiky plants such as spider and cactus, as they should be avoided. Weeping plants such as willows and mulberry can bring on depression, particularly in the front yard. Your bedroom is an especially important place to keep healthy plants, as you spend much of your time resting and regenerating there. Using an odd number is most powerful.

Spiral staircases are very unhealthy, as their corkscrew shape creates a downward energy. The cures for this are: Place a big potted plant under the stairwell to catch the chi and send it upward. Place another plant at the top of the stairs to help pull the energy up as you climb them. Wrap a green silk vine around the handrail, beginning at the bottom and ending at the top. Feel the healing energy of the green color as you walk up the stairs. Hang a crystal ball at the top of the staircase, feeling its energy uplifting and energizing the location.

Watch for sharp corners or heavy beams , especially ones pointing at you while you are sitting at the table, your favorite chair, or directly at or over your bed. These are actually called “poison arrows” in Feng Shui and can be remedied in several ways. If you cannot move the pointed object, placing a plant, crystal ball or brass bell in front of it will soften and distract the chi. Beams can be wrapped in silk or live vines. Beams painted the same color as the ceiling are not as powerful as ones that are darker.

Keep electric items such as clocks, phones and radios away from your bed. Move them at least 2-3 feet away from your body, as these electrical appliances lower resistance and absorb vital energy. If you use an electric blanket, be sure to turn it off before you cozy down for the night.

Make sure your air is healthy and fresh. Air filters can be helpful in areas where unhealthy air or allergies are a problem. Opening windows and keeping air circulating is wonderful, unless of course you have allergies.

Vacuum for a quick pick-me-up. If you have a high-quality vacuum, using it is an easy way to clean up the chi and get an area energized. I often use this technique between client visits. Beware: many vacuums just break the dirt into smaller particles and spit it out again.

Check for toxic materials in your home. Old carpet and paint can emit toxic residue, dust mites and mold into your home and your family. Check your cleaning supplies and use only natural-based products. This will not only be better for you and your family, you will be helping the planet as a whole.

Lower energies from abuse of any kind can have a toxic effect on your health. Especially if your home has had other owners before you, you may have psychic debris embedded in your corners, floors and walls. The same goes for used furniture, especially beds. Replacing old mattresses and beds can do wonders for creating new beginnings, including new health. Clear toxic space by hiring a professional space clearer or learn to do it yourself with Karen Kingston’s book Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui.

With placing, rearranging and creating all Feng Shui cures, it is always important to visualize your intention or the outcome you want to see. Imagine your health vibrant, clear, energized, radiant and glowing! If you have a health challenge, feel and see your health improving. Trust this or something better is on its way!

Health Benefits of Longboarding

For a decade, longboarding has become a popular sports amusement among all classes and ages of people. This is a common playing form which ensures great enjoyment besides keeping our body fit in a simple funny way. It’s just not only a sport but also a form of art, a culture and now become a lifestyle. Being cost-effective and health benefited, this products market is rapidly spreading day by day. In this article, we will find out

Weight Loss

Most of the people face a common problem is an extra fat or weight in the body. Longboarding is a popular form of exercise, which gives you the option to make your daily exercise with fewer efforts and great enjoyment. No need huge space to play a board, but the backyard of your house is sufficient to practice this popular fun making trick. You can use a longboard as your daily commuter to go to your office or school, college or any other place working place.

Its ensure passing a long way by pressing little efforts. You have to push to run the board and keep pushing on the surface by your leg to accelerate the speed. Those hard pushing losses your energy and makes weight loss. If you are really heavy weight, then these popular tricks will help you to become sound healthy and fit.

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Stamina Improve

This simple playing also helps people to improve their strength and stamina. When you run your board, you must push on the ground and make some tricks with your board. You have to carve on your board.

In this way, a longboard rider controls each of his body parts, and it ensures the good practice of them. The Proper movements of your body parts supply your lung oxygen and give freshness to all your activities. You will see the improvement of your stamina and endurance very soon.

Hand and Eye Coordination Skill

Riding a longboard is really easy but riding with different tricks is not so easy. Long time practice is required for this skill. The professional riders simply perform different styles and tricks when on their board. Just think that you are riding at a high speed on any downhill and need a quick turn. In this situation professional always use perfect carving tricks by placing their hand on the ground.

They make some special movements to control their body and the board. You also need a perfect vision to make the flawless carving. These kinds of practice help riders to improve the eyes and also improve their hand’s skill.

Strength Training

Longboarding is also good for increasing the body strength. Suck type of process helps people to learn how to make adventure and how to endurance the pressure. At the first time, any rider must have to do some struggle for making balance on the board. Sometimes they fall down and could be could be injured.

The internal movement of the muscle and hard practice with pain builds a good base to withstand any difficult situation. It makes your body stronger than the past. Different kinds of physical activities help the riders to maintain a strong and sound health.

Flexibility in Your Muscles

Longboarding is also a form of exercise which improves the flexibility of your body. When you start to ride your longboard you must need to hold some certain position to ride your longboard smoothly. Your muscle has to do some extra work for controlling your board under your feet.

When you hold your position to make it controversial you have to maintain a healthy breathing equilibrium, which helps you for breathing well and putting your muscle into group work. These kinds of tasks will make your body parts flexible and active.

Keeping Cholesterol in Control

Now a day over cholesterol is a really big problem. Most of the adult people face this common problem. Over cholesterol is the main reason for heart attack, brine stock and many other deadly physical damages. Longboarding is one of the best enjoyable ways for keeping cholesterol in control.

Final Verdicts

From the above discussion, it’s totally clear to us that there are many benefits of longboarding in our daily life. It’s a common transportation need no fuel and no cost. Less effort can move you a long distance. If you love adventure then go out downhill with your board. It’s just not an accessory of making fun but also ensure useful exercise for your health. So don’t make delay, make longboarding your daily passion and be healthy with a sound body.

Best health nutritionals products

With our busy life schedules, it often gets difficult to maintain a work life balance. The lifestyles have today shifted from healthy eating to fast food products. Processed foods have taken place over healthy food items. Since people are more focussed towards careers today, therefore they get less time to exercise. However, people have realised the drastic consequences of unhealthy eating and hence are shifting towards more natural food materials. But studies have proved that today even healthy fruits, vegetables and animal products just provide 50% nutrients. This is because of the harmful chemicals and fertilisers used in growing these products, making them unhealthy for human body. So how do we fulfil our daily requirement of nutrition? The article might help you with the answer.

Why choose health nutrition products like Obat Pembesar Penis?

We all need energy for us to keep going for the whole day. However, food that we eat today does not provide us with the required source of nutrition. Hence Premier Research Labs Supplements helps fulfilling the nutrition demand of human body. Health nutrition like Pembesar Penis products give us the right amount of balanced vitamins and minerals that we don’t get from the food that we eat today. These health supplements are available in all forms like shakes, powders, tablets etc and for all age groups. Intake of these Premier Research Labs Supplements allows us to put something good and productive in our bodies. Also, because of recent popularity they have gained amongst people, they are not hard to find either. These food supplements like Obat Pembesar Alat Vital Pria are easily available in grocery stores and drug stores. You can even find them online as well.

Benefits of using health food supplements

There are numerous benefits of taking these health food supplements. Some of the top ones are listed below:-

  • Consumers can easily choose these products as per their body requirement. To make it simpler, if you have any kind of deficiency you can choose Premier Research Labs Supplements in order to increase the level of vitamins or minerals that are low in your body.
  • Due to appropriate balance of all nutrients our body gets high level of energy that helps in doing our daily chores without any tiredness or fatigue.
  • Since Premier Research Labs Supplements are prepared with natural ingredients without any additives or toxins, therefore there is no risk of consuming harmful chemicals or fertilisers that are hazardous for human body

Apart from these listed above; these supplements are available for kids, young men and women, old age people, pets etc. Earlier there was not enough information available on these health supplements hence, people used to avoid taking them. But today enough literature is available on the internet to clear your doubts. Also, price is a big deciding factor in purchasing supplements but if you look at the health benefits and the ever increasing medical costs, you would realise that you are spending way less than you might end up spending in medical bills.

Your Partner In Good Health

God has created each one of us as perfect human beings, with unique wellbeing and prakruti (natural balance). However, our changing lifestyle affects our prakruti, resulting in imbalance in our body and mind.

In today’s competitive world, most of us have a sedentary lifestyle combined with stress and hectic schedules. This results in reduced immunity, anxiety and sleep disorders and leads to chronic diseases. The situation gets even worse for those living in cities like Mumbai, which with its fast paced life makes Mumbaikar’s prone to several life style diseases.

Kerala Ayurveda, with its over 300 year age old tradition, provides miraculous offerings to correct such bodily imbalance and even shield our body from various life style disorders. However, in our quest to achieve ‘quick fixes’, we end up popping allopathic pills that further aggravate such bodily imbalance (which we commonly refer to as “side effects”). Unavailability or difficulty in finding authentic ayurvedic medicines in a city like Mumbai also acts as another hindrance in adopting ayurvedic practices.

The city is no doubt running on higher pace, but this super-fast lifestyle is stamping the ill-effects on the Mumbains’ health. Its making them be on the allopathic supplements instead of a healthy dietary food.

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AyushArogyam offers a wide range of Ayurvedic products that include the day-to-day products which list-in as Personal and body care products, Classic Ayurvedic Medicines, Herbal health supplements and other natural products for general purposes. AyushArogyam also serves the Mumbains with free online Ayurvedic Consultation in Mumbai and do provides the books, DVD/CDs on Ayurvedic Health.

People can now order genuine Kerala Ayurvedic products online at the click of a button and have good health delivered home! So experience the bliss of Ayurveda and gift yourself a long and healthy life..